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About Us

Thank you for visiting our family page!
We are excited to announce that we are adopting internationally from Colombia!  

We started the adoption process in March of 2021. However, we believe that God started the process way before we were even married.  I, Sarah, landed a job in the foster care system in New York City after college. Before my experience there, I was aloof to foster care and/or adoption.  The work was challenging but so rewarding.  I grew to love the children and their families and dreamed of adopting one day.  

Years later, Naeem and I got married and we desired to grow our family.  We had some challenges along the way. However, in the midst of the challenging seasons, God was so good to complete the work that He had started, and pressed the desire to adopt in our hearts.  We are SO excited for God leading our family in this direction!


Help Raise Funds

International Adoption is a long process, and we are a little over the halfway mark!  In a couple of months, we hope to get our dossier approved in Colombia.  We are raising funds to cover the next set of agency fees and translation fees. 

To raise funds, we've partnered with GObena Coffee. It's the perfect time of the year to stock up on coffee as many of us return back to school, work, and routines.  Check out our family page here:

Gobena Henry Family page


(If it's your first time here, and are interested in purchasing T-shirts from our previous fundraiser,

click here for the order form! We have a few left in stock.)

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