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About Us

Welcome, and thank you for visiting our family page! 

Last year, Spring of 2023, we celebrated the finalization of our daughter's adoption in Colombia, and we grew as a family! God has been so faithful to us - caring for us, meeting us in our need, and bringing joy in the midst of many transitions.  We are so grateful for the community of friends and family that has showered us with love, prayers, and support.

The seed that took root a few years ago continues to grow, and we are excited to announce that we have started the process for our second adoption with Colombia.  

We are in the very beginning stages of the process and we want to raise funds to cover agency fees.  If you'd like to help raise funds with us, keep scrolling!



Help Raise Funds

To raise funds, we are selling t-shirts for $25 each.  If you'd like to support and make a purchase, please fill out the order form here.


Muchisimas Gracias!

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